Weekly Training Schedule:

  • Sun: 
  • MON: 7:00 - 9:30 PM FREE ORIENTATION
  • Tues: 7:30 - 8:20 (2c) Group Class
  • Wed: 6:30 - 7:20 (2c) TRICK Class
  • Thurs: 7:00 - 9:30 (3c) Mini Seminar
  • Fri: 
  • Sat: 
  • Sat: 



Training Packages:

Training Credit packages can be used at your leisure as follows and have a ONE YEAR VALIDITY:

  • 20 Credits: $400
  • 10 Credits: $225
  • 1 Credit: $30
  • 1 Credit = Day care pass or Open Practice time
  • 2 Credits= Group class or Puppy Class
  • 3 Credits= mini-seminar (2 -3 hour presentation)
  • 4 Credits= Private Training class
  • 5 Credits= Behaviour Session (with a specialized / qualified Trainer)



  • 24 hour CONFIRMED NOTICE must be given to avoid application of full credits.
  • "CANCELLED SAME DAY": with confirmed notice, deduction of only 2 credits towards the reservation times.
  • "NO SHOWS" for reserved appointments will have full credits applied.
  • "CONFIRMED NOTICE" MEANS: You have corresponded with the office regarding your cancellation and it has been confirmed with a REPLY or documented through e-mail dates... although we appreciate the convenience of voice-mail, we cannot guarantee that receipt of your notice has occurred, unless you hear back from our office. We appreciate your understanding, and efforts to keep the high demand of reservations times available for other clients to have access when available.


FREE ORIENTATION: 2.5 hours (no dogs)

This is a free 2.5 hour orientation that allows you to become familiar with the training options, philosophy and foundation work offered at Canadian Canine Training. This is considered a prerequisite to our training packages.

  • We introduce the foundation work and review environment management (home routines) that are recommended in order to get the best results from your investment of time & training- based on your dog's breed, age, sex and behaviours.
  • You will meet the trainer, tour the facility and get a sense of which program is going to be best suited for your goals.
  • The entire family is welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • There will be Powerpoint, video & live demonstrations
  • A sample of the homework handouts and e-mailed video guides will be introduced.
  • Q & A time for general behaviour & training questions... specific behaviour concerns are reserved for your private sessions (so we don't take up other people's time.)
  • We will demonstrate many of the training tools and you will get a sense of our teaching techniques and results.
  • You may choose to register for your private sessions or group classes after attending the orientation evening.
  • (there is no obligation or tuition for the evening.)
  • *NOTE:* we do have PRIVATE EVALUATIONS available upon request .


Private Training Class: 50 minutes (1 hour time slot) (4 credits)


  • allows you to work at your leisure and schedule.
  • Focuses primarily on your specific training goals
  • prepares you and your dog for Group Class options
  • Can transfer back to a private session if you find group was too overwhelming or if you need help with a newly discovered concerns.

 Private Behaviour Class: 50 Minutes (1 hour time slot) (5 Credits)

  • Scheduled with a senior Trainer / Instructor who is qualified to work on resolving behaviour concerns.
  • Veterinary Behaviour Referral cases.
  • allows you to work at your leisure and schedule.
  • Focuses primarily on your specific BEHAVIOUR CONCERNS and training goals
  • prepares you and your dog for Group Class options
  • Can transfer back to a private session if you find group was too overwhelming or if you need help with a newly discovered concerns.

Puppy Class: 1 hour (2 credits)


  • Start ANY TIME... no waiting for next series of classes!!
  • between 8 - 18 weeks old (older pups are directed to private or group classes, since they have different development stages and sensitive periods of development that limit their benefits of attending the structure of puppy classes)
  • Must have current vaccination protection or titre testing (at least one vaccine given within 2 weeks of weaning... as per veterinary standards)
  • Attend Puppy Classes until you are ready for group sessions.
  • You may come ONCE or TWICE a week to have the most impact on your developing puppy
  • Encouraged to attend one Orientation evening in order to get best results.

Group Class: 50 Minutes (2 credits)


  • A PREREQUISITE of attending the free orientation and meeting the minimum required behaviours in a private setting will permit you to attend group:
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Place
  • On Leash
  • Once those are met, the following are introduced:
  • Loose Leash walking (not heel)
  • Social skills (with people & dogs)
  • Distractions (dogs, toys, animals...)
  • Duration (stay) behaviours
  • Distance work (while out of the room...)
  • Husbandry skills (accepting grooming, vet exams...)
  • Off Leash
  • Action commands (drop on recall, sit-in-motion...)
  • Hand Signals
  • Come from a distance!
  • Getting rid of equipment (no tools, treats, leash...)
  • Much, MUCH more!
  • MAXIMUM 8 DOGS PER CLASS... all dogs already know basics as well.


Mini-Seminar: 2.5 hours (3 credits)


  • Introduce yourself to a speciality in the canine world through one of our mini-seminars.
  • Taught by our trainers or one of many Guest Speakers. Topics include:
  • Tracking / nose work / Search & Rescue
  • Pet Therapy: Training, certification & testing...
  • Canine Good Neighbour / Canine Good Citizen testing & certification
  • Rally-O training and competitions
  • Grooming your dog at home
  • Pet First Aid
  • Dog Food Topics: RAW FOOD vs. Kibble
  • Crafts with your dog
  • Agility / obstacle training
  • Chicken Training night (yes, we train chickens!)
  • Backpacking with your dog
  • Pre-Sport Conditioning & training
  • Protection training
  • Senior dog FUN
  • Living with Multiple Dogs & training
  • Evolution of Dogs from Wolves
  • Starting a PET SERVICE business: dog walking, sitting, training, parties...
  • CAT (feline) Training
  • Stock Dog training (with live Sheep!)
  • Trieball (herding options, if you don't have sheep)
  • TRICK TRAINING: for fun & profit!
  • Silent Dog Whistle training
  • Animal Intuition course
  • Psychology of Dogs (the development stages)
  • Many, MANY more!!!
  • Topics are listed on campus, as schedule nears.


Open Practice: 2 hours (1 credit)


  • allows you to practice INDOORS on whatever you want without structured guidance or class goals.
  • Expose your dog to NEW dogs each time you attend a class or practice, enhancing their social skills and experience.
  • Simply Play with other dogs, or practice... any additional exposure in a controlled, safe place is great for your dog!

6000 Sq. Ft. Facility