Canadian Canine Training

Training Both Ends Of The Leash

Canadian Canine Training provides professional, science based dog training geared to teach both humans and canines. We specialize in obedience training, behavioural training and service dog training. We are located rurally near Sherwood Park and are open by appointment only.


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Our Campus

Your dog is our priority

Canadian Canine Training has policies in place to keep you and your canine companion safe and happy while visiting our campus. If you don’t have an appointment, we ask that you give us a call to set up a reservation time prior to showing up at our facility. This is to ensure our staff can give you their full attention. Our facility offers a variety of services including boarding and daycare that are exclusive to our training clients only. This is to ensure we know your pets temperment and can safely give them the attention they need. Our goal with this approach is to also establish trust with the dog and client.


What to expect on your first visit

Our training campus is located on a large parcel of land. We have horses, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats and even a donkey. Please show up AT YOUR RESERVATION TIME and park in front of the building. Please make sure your dogs are ON A LEASH when they exit your vehicle. This is very important to keep your pet safe in addition to respecting your reservation time as noted above.


What to expect

Training Process

Book an Orientation

Your first step to joining our training program is to attend one of our FREE orientations. The orientation is a classroom information session that provides valuable information to get you and your dog started on the pre-requisite training before attending a class. This will ensure you get results from your training. If you’d like to book training classes, you’ll have the opportunity to do so after the orientation.

Attend your first private training class

After completing the pre-requisite homework given from the orientation, you can attend your first class. Your initial few training classes will be one-on-one classes with your family, your dog and a qualified trainer. This is to ensure you and your dog get the necessary attention and time needed to get the best results without distractions from other dogs. If your dog has behaviour issues that need extra attention, the amount of private sessions needed will vary.


Graduate to group classes

After completeing your private training sessions and assigned homework, your trainer will graduate you to a group class with up to 6 other dogs. You’ll work on obedience training with the distractions of other dogs and people, you’ll play fun games while improving your dogs focus work and obedience! These classes are offered weekly and are available to book at your convenience.