Boarding Packages

for current & past training clients ONLY

Deluxe Package

Most Popular!


Private¬† 9′ X 9′ bedroom suite with outdoor patio access

Dog beds included

Optional “Doggy Daycare” routine

Socialization with approved dogs

Daily Courtyard access and exercise


Spa Package


Deluxe boarding amenities

MORE HUMAN INTERACTION… dogs socialize with us & lounge in the reception and office area throughout the daytime

Raised wrought iron & cozy dog beds in suites

Private patio access

Optional “Doggy Daycare” routine

Priority socialization in courtyard (if wanted)


Board & Train


Spa boarding package amenities

Customized for your goals

Daily Training & Behaviour management

Behavior problem rehabilitation

Advanced manners

Formal obedience

Includes follow-up training session(s) with 5 consecutive days

E-mailed video guidance upon request



What to pack for your dogs stay:

Food for the duration of your dogs stay

  • Please do NOT bring Large food storage bins if your dog is scheduled for a short stay. Boarding dogs have a designated “Belonging’s bin” which is reserved based on the duration of stay, and we will not have storage available for excess amounts of food… please take this into consideration when preparing for their stay, as it is greatly appreciated to keep their items and food organized.
  • We accept Raw or Frozen dog food in the Deluxe or Spa boarding packages.
  • Medications will be given for no additional expense in the Deluxe or Spa boarding packages.

Optional NON-STUFFED bedding

  • We DO provide bedding during their stay, but if you’d like to provide a familiar, home-scented blanket, we can accept that… (NOT A QUILT: Please, no stuffing)
  • It must be able to fit into a washing machine.
  • Please DO NOT bring anything that has STUFFING (quilts, or beds) that can be torn apart during their stay… We sincerely appreciate your understanding and co-operation with this request, as it is very hard on our plumbing, cleaning time, and can be dangerous for your dog if there is stuffing loose in their suite for consumption or getting stuck in between their teeth (Yes, it happens.)

Record of vaccinations or titre proof

  • Current paperwork or proof that your dog is up to date on their RABIES and ANNUAL VACCINATIONS… We do not require Bordetella (Kennel Cough), as it is an optional vaccination
  • If your dog is not able to have vaccinations: Please provide a letter from your Veterinarian
  • If you are opposed to vaccination practices: Please bring your dog’s current Titre Level tests, proving that your dog is protected through natural or residual protection.

Please, DO NOT BRING dishes, leashes, breakable or glass items such as glass containers for medication, supplements or Cheese Whiz. Please transfer to plastic containers. These items will be sent home with you upon check-in so please don’t bring them.

Upon checking in, your dog will enjoy…

Indoor Suites

Large, 9′ X 9′ bedroom suites

In floor heating (best for joint comfort)

Air conditioned units

Variable Lighting level options

Each suite (bedroom kennel) has 3 AIR EXCHANGES / hour, ensuring healthy ventilation and reducing allergens, disease, etc

Large window-front suites reducing anxiety and keeping noise to a minimum.

Outdoor Patios

NO CHAINLINK between dogs suites, preventing fence fighting

Solid dividers between patios creating comfortable security

Sheltered from elements and located in the solitude of a forest

Individual plumbing reducing cross-contamination and soiling of other dog’s areas.



Sheltered play areas in the serenity of natural surroundings

Open access to indoor heated / air conditioned playroom with 2 exits

Requiring annual & rabies vaccination verification or Titer test results to ensure protection.  (fax to office 780-416-5545)


We cannot accept dogs that are “IN HEAT” during their planned stay. An additional $50 fee will be added to boarding stays where bitches begin a heat cycle during their stay… It is the owner’s responsibility to know if their dog is close to their heat cycle. Thank you for your understanding.